Sales Development Representative

Job description


You connect thousands of people in meaningful ways. You combine your love for people and the technology that change our world of tomorrow. 

If this sounds like the kind of thing that gets you out of bed in the morning, then you’re in luck - at One you will get to do this every day. And we're hiring.

We don’t want to gloat too much, but One is growing extremely fast. So many clients, double the candidates, and triple the expectations to be exceeded... That can only mean that we're looking for more Sales Developement Representatives (or as we like to call it: Partnership Managers) with a strong drive and clear communication skills to identify opportunities for our existing and potential partners.


as SDR at One:

  • Closely monitor the market and be responsible to apply the best prospect prioritisation tactics to increase the lead to opportunity conversion and average deals size
  • Form new partnerships with scale-ups and venture capitals through state of the art outbound tactics, while using automation to drive efficiency
  • Be responsible to Increase the number of suspects, prospects and qualified leads, while reducing the average sales cycle duration;
  • Respond timely to inbound leads to convert them in the Sales Qualified Leads;
  • Give input and direction to enhance and improve the sales processes, content and technology stack continuously;
  • Helping One become the go-to company for digital scale-ups in Europe. You understand recruitment, and believe that the game needs to be changed.

The growth path at One is not fixed. You have the freedom to develop yourself personally, and you work together with a diverse group of people you can learn a lot from. And because we are a scale up ourselves, you yourself determine what role you want to play in One's growth over the coming years.


and why should you want to work here?

One. is a startup that helps fast growing scale-ups around the world in hiring leadership talent. We work in fixed partnerships with scale-ups and venture capital firms, making it a completely different business model as compared to traditional recruitment companies. One is a young company, but it is built on more than 20 years of experience in the European tech scene. It is a diverse company, and we are open to welcoming talent from different backgrounds.

“You should start working at One if you want to take ownership of your own career, be part of something big and work together with a team of specialists in their field.”

Kaan Anit - Proud Founder & CEO

Job requirements


in a nutshell:

You are a smart, fun person, and you love working with people in the tech industry. However, the environment you work in now (either corporate side or agency) is not what you are looking for. You want to really make an impact, work with future proof businesses, gain more experience and get challenged again. The tech scene in Amsterdam is the one you want to dive into, and you feel comfortable working together with inspiring founders and world-changing scale-ups. 


you fit in perfectly at One:

🚀 Capacity to succeed in a result-oriented environment
✔️ Motivation to communicate with clients about a product

💻 Tech-savvy, and interested in the startup-scene

💯 You’re honest

🤝 You’re a team-player

👩‍💻 You're a real people’s person with a passion for technology

🇬🇧 Fluent in English

🚴 You live in or around Amsterdam


    of working with One:

    ✔️ Making a real difference in the start-up scene, working with awesome tech partners all over Europe

    ✔️ A fun and dynamic environment bang in the middle of the city centre

    ✔️ A small but diverse team of crazy onesies (read more puns about the team here)

    ✔️ We lunch together as a team where we casually catch up and munch on all the great food provided

    ✔️ Your own personal Amsterdam tour guide (Justin)

    ✔️ Our crazy energetic founder Kaan who has a huge amount of experience in starting a business and recruitment


      are offered here too:

      ☕ Unlimited coffee and teas

      🍷 Monthly team outings (mostly a fun activity followed by borreltjes and a dance)

      🎅 Fun Christmas parties (with a very secret itinerary until the very last moment)

      🍏 Apple laptops (or if you prefer Windows, though Kaan will definitely convince you to pick Apple)

      🕺 Friday after work drinks, usually ending in a cheeky dance somewhere

        So are you ready to tackle the world of start- and scale-ups? Here's a bit more on what your typical day-to-day may look like:


        you'll have the pleasure to work with:

        Any questions about this role or something else? Make sure to get in touch with Justin!